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Pray with and for Rabbi Lerner.

Rabbi Lerner returned home on Monday from the University of California Medical Center where he was operated on for lung cancer (no, he never smoked). His wounds are slowly healing after the upper lobe of his left lung was removed. Pain meds and prayer help him deal with the remaining pain. This Shabbat we welcome people to dedicate healing prayers to Rabbi Lerner wherever you live. For those who wish to say the traditional prayer, his Hebrew name is Mee-cha-el ben Beyla ve Yosef Chayyim. If you are in the S.F. Bay Area of Northern California you are invited to join us in person as Beyt Tikkun synagogue holds its Shabbat gatherings with Rabbi Lerner at his home, 951 Cragmont Ave, Berkeley (cross street: Marin Ave).

• Friday night, Shabbat Celebration starts at 7 p.m. sharp . Followed by a vegetarian pot-luck.

• Saturday morning Shabbat celebration starts at 10 a.m. (only for people who enjoy praying the traditional prayers in Hebrew)

11 a.m.Torah Study (in English-no previous familiarity with the Hebrew or the Torah presupposed). During the Torah study we will offer healing prayers for Rabbi Lerner.

Please bring prayers, blessings, poems or songs to share which you are invited to offer to Rabbi Lerner as part of the healing circle at each of these events. If you live out of town, please add your prayers wherever you are. You can also send jokes, short stories, dvds, or whatever else will help distract Rabbi Lerner from the pain of the wounds.

Admission: a main course vegetarian dish to share with at least ten other people. Don’t bring bread, pita, challah, take out from Chinese restaurants, or canned anything. We’ll supply challah for everyone. Do not bring meat of any sort, chicken of any sort, or any shell fish (including sushi with crab or lobster or oyster or eel or shrimp or anything that doesn’t have scales and fins). Do not bring rice that has been cooked in chicken stock, or any other soup that has used chicken stock or any other meat stock. Do not expect to make something at rabbi lerner’s home using the oven or stove-no cooking allowed on Shabbat.

Please RSVP by email to  or call 510 644 1200 and leave a message for Will by Friday morning at 10 a.m. and tell us what you will bring so that we know how many people for whom to buy challot, wine, grape juice, and dessert. You are welcome to come to both Friday night and Saturday morning services. Just tell us by Friday morning, please. (Yes, if you really can’t tell us, come anyway-but bring something delicious).

Rabbi Lerner has taken great solace in the beautiful notes of support that he continues to receive that are posted (by many people aligned with the Tikkun community, the NSP, Beyt Tikkun synagogue and others) at the website:

He finds this much better than receiving phone calls-with web notes, he can read them when he feels up to doing so. Rabbi Lerner has asked us to extend to you his great thanks at the outpouring of love and prayers that he has received and which have had a marked impact on accelerating his recovery. He especially wants to thank those who have made contributions to Tikkun or the NSP in his honor, and to the people who have sent him notification that they have instructed their own financial planners to bequest Tikkun in the circumstances of their own possible future death. He wishes them long life-it’s the thought that counts!

News about the biopsy of his cancerous lung will not be available till this coming Monday. Till then, he can’t tell you much about his situation except to say that the canerous lung was successfully removed. Please don’t ask “how are you doing, Rabbi Lerner?” The answer is: he is doing fine, he is in pain,he appreciatest your presence and anything you’ve written to him (if you want it to be purely private, mail to  but put “cancer” in the subject matter, and don’t expect an answer in the next few weeks). He is greatly moved by the expressions of love he has received. He is greatly saddened by the loss Debora Duenas’ nephew. And he is deeply appreciative of being part of such a wonderful, loving and supportive community.



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