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The Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists (CQHA) invites you to attend our 2021 Virtual Conference, June 24-26.Logistics: We will meet 11:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT each day via Zoom (what’s the start-time in my timezone?) (what’s the end-time in my timezone?), with built in time for breaks. We thank our colleagues at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College for hosting this event. Our conference website is at http://libguides.guilford.edu/cqha. Program: Presentations at CQHA, organized into thematic sessions, address aspects of Quaker history across all time periods and locations. Since this year’s program builds on the postponed 2020 conference that would have taken place at Earlham College in Indiana, we are pleased to include several presentations related to Quakers and the American Midwest. In addition, we have been able to take advantage of our virtual format to invite colleagues from several continents to participate in a series of special sessions on historiography and archives in Quaker historical studies. The full CQHA program is available on our website at https://library.guilford.edu/cqha/2021program.Registration: There is no cost to attend the 2021 Virtual CQHA conference. For those who are able, we ask you to consider making a donation to support Quaker history and recommend several recipients on our website. Please see our website at http://libguides.guilford.edu/cqha for full conference information and use our Eventbrite form to register for the conference at bit.ly/CQHA2021.Questions? We have created a brief FAQ at https://library.guilford.edu/cqha/faq. Please don’t hesitate to contact the conference organizers at quakerhistoriansandarchivists@gmail.com with any additional questions.Conference Website: http://libguides.guilford.edu/cqhaRegistration (via Eventbrite): bit.ly/CQHA2021Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quakerhistoriansandarchivists/Contact Us: quakerhistoriansandarchivists@gmail.com

Children of These Mountains
Our vast mountain forests
exhale a great sea of invisible oxygen.
We breathe it to ourselves every day.
Our mountains come into us. Thank you.
We are children of these mountains.

Each day I watch and I mingle
with so many, many people
all walking, walking, walking,
all looking ahead..
Mayan mothers, children, foreigners,
hippies, poets, dogs, students.
Their faces say… I know where I am going
and I am almost there.
Their faces say; I know that I am good looking,
I was born this way.
We breathe in warm energy from each other.
We say; Thank you so much.

Tiny interactions, hellos, so many I-see-yous,
even a nod, or smile, all adds up.

What is the deep meaning of “Thank you”
between humans?

A handsome young man stopped,
helped Blanca parallel park by
standing behind and giving signals…
then smiled, waved, disappeared.
Oxygen for the soul by and between us.

We are people of a womanly deity,
Mother Mary Star of the Sea.
Visitors from far away
tell me your story. I will listen.

Tiny scenes every block
scenes, snapshots of homo sapiens
creating life from mountain air
on Planet Earth.
I save it in my mind……I say
Thank you. Thank you.
…………………………………More at: Quentin R. Kirk Books

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante il seguente testo ""If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, yoι will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." --------. Francis of Assisi"

باتريك چورچ ذكي، ٢٨ عام، ناشط حقوقي مصري، تم توقيفه في مطار القاهرة فور وصوله من مدينة بولونيا الإيطالية، حيث يدرس الماجيستير في جامعة بولونيا. تم تعذيب باتريك والاعتداء عليه وصعقه كهربائياً من دون أي اتهامات حقيقية. هذه الصفحة هدفها الضغط على السلطات المصرية لتحقيق هذه الطلبات:١- الإفراج الفوري والغير مشروط عن باتريك چورچ زكي وإسقاط كافة التهم الموجهة إليه ٢- التعهد بعدم الملاحقة الأمنية لباتريك أو أفراد عائلته والسماح له باستكمال دراسته في الخارج٣- فتح باب التحقيق في حادثة تعذيب وإخفاء باتريك قسرياً من قبل رجال الأمن الوطني بمطار القاهرة#الحرية_لباتريك_جورج

Patrick George Zaki, 28 year old Egyptian human rights activist, was abducted at Cairo International Airport upon his arrival from Bologna, Italy where he currently studies for his MD at the University of Bologna. Patrick was tortured and electrocuted without any true accusations. This page is to pressure the Egyptian Authorities to meet the following demands: 1) Immediate release of Patrick Zaki with all accusations dropped.2) Enforcing a clear, transparent investigation regarding his abduction and torture conditions.3) Assuring no further harassment or prosecution of Patrick nor his family members, allowing for progression with his studies.Help us #FreePatrick

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We pray every day for Patrich Zaki

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On this date in 1571 (June 16th), two men and four women were burned at the stake in #Deventer, Netherlands. Their names were: Ydse Gaukes, Claes Opreyder, Catharina Somerhuys, Lysbeth Somerhuys, Lyntgen Joris, and Trijntgen. They were #Anabaptists. Catharina and Lysbeth were sisters. Lyntgen and Trijntgen were mother and daughter. (See Martyrs’ Mirror, pp. 885-893.) Martyrs’ Mirror includes three letters written by Ydse in prison. (Photo: northern corner of Brink Square, Deventer.)

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In questa data nel 1948 (16 giugno), Rufus M. Jones è morto. (Nato il 25 gennaio 1863.) Quacchero. Pacifista. Storico. Prof. Nel 1917 co-fondò (con Henry Cadbury) il American Friends Service Committee.Alla fine degli anni ‘ 1920, Jones ha esortato i partecipanti ad essere aperti alle influenze positive di tutte le religioni mondiali, ′′ riconoscendo volentieri il bene che contengono.”Autore di ′′ Studi in religione mistica ′′ (1909), ′′ Riformatori spirituali nel XIX e XIX secolo ′′ (1914) e ′′ La fede e la pratica dei quaccheri ′′ (1927). molte altre opere.Nato in una famiglia di Gurneyite Quaker nel sud della Cina, nel Maine. Morto ad Haverford, Pennsylvania. Seppellito all’Haverford Meeting Burial Ground (855 Buck Lane, Haverford, PA), insieme a sua moglie, Elizabeth Bartram Cadbury Jones.~ La serie Heroes Graveyards

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante monumento e attività all'aperto

Buon compleanno, Alfred Salter (16 giugno 1873-Aug. 24, 1945). Quacchero. Pacifista. Socialista. Medico. Membro attivo dell’unione di pace. Avvocato della libertà di parola. Avvocato della temperanza.Alfredo e sua moglie Ada vivevano e lavoravano a Bermondsey, un quartiere povero nel sud-est di Londra. All’inizio del loro matrimonio si uniscono al Meeting degli amici di Peckham, poco a sud di Bermondsey.Nato a Greenwich, Inghilterra. Morto a Londra, Inghilterra. Seppellito al Peckham Friends Meeting House Burial Ground, Londra. (Foto: Alfred e Ada Salter. )

Potrebbe essere un'immagine in bianco e nero raffigurante 2 persone e persone sedute

Happy birthday, Elizabeth Wyckoff (June 16, 1915 – July 3, 1994). Freedom Rider. Civil rights activist. Freelance writer. Professor of Greek at Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Regular volunteer at the Harlem office of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) on 125th Street. On June 2, 1961, she was arrested with 13 others at the Trailways station in Jackson, Mississippi. Sentenced to two months in the state penitentiary at Parchman, Mississippi. Born and died in New York City.

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante 2 persone, persone in piedi e il seguente testo "JA c KSON, POLICE DEPT. 20937 MI MISS Ss 2 6·2.81"

“In a culture that still assumed rigid social hierarchies were ordained by God,” Stuart Masters writes, “Friends proclaimed that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), meaning that God does not recognize the validity of outward human divisions. Rather than being God’s intention, social inequality was a result of human sin in a fallen world.”

16.06.2021 – International Peace Bureau

International Peace Bureau Call for Bold Steps at Biden Putin Summit

“Given that human survival lies in the balance of U.S.-Russian relations and tensions, we need more than an exchange of views and cautious steps to improve strategic stability. For humanity’s sake, we urge the U.S. and Russian leaders to re-imagine and take bold diplomatic steps to secure humanity’s future.”

Joseph Gerson
President, CPDCS
Vice-President, International Peace Bureau

President Biden and Putin: Re-Imagine and Secure Humanity’s Future

We join the world in the hope that the June 16 Geneva summit meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin will be successful. Given that human survival lies in the balance of U.S.-Russian relations and tensions, we need more than an exchange of views and cautious steps to improve strategic stability. For humanity’s sake, we urge the U.S. and Russian leaders to re-imagine and take bold diplomatic steps to secure humanity’s future.

The summit comes at a critical time when US -Russian relations are at a generational low as they have engaged in strategic competitions on many levels.

The two powers are spending vast fortunes to upgrade their potentially omnicidal nuclear arsenals. Militaries are engaging in dangerously provocative military exercises on both sides of Russia’s borders, the Baltic and Black Seas, and in around the Arctic Ocean. And the threat remains of an escalating war over Ukraine. An accident or miscalculation could trigger an escalating conflict beyond control.

In 1982, at the height of a spiraling U.S.-Soviet Cold War arms race, with the participation of leading Russians and Americans, the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues released its “Common Security.” report. Its lessons then, which greatly contributed to the negotiation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and the end of the Cold War, are as relevant today as they were then:

“In the modern age, security cannot be obtained unilaterally. Economically, politically, culturally and – most important – militarily – we live in an increasingly interdependent world. The security of one nation cannot be bought at the expense of others.”

In addition to the threat of nuclear annihilation, humanity faces the additional existential threats of the climate emergency and the current and future pandemics. These can be contained and reversed only through collaborative efforts on a global scale. Wasting scientific, economic, and political resources in a new Cold War poses unacceptable obstacles to creating environmental and health security.

Recalling that an earlier period of existential threat to human survival led Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein to urge that we remember our humanity and forget the rest, we call on Presidents Biden and Putin to:

  • Declare that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.
  • Commit to adopting no first use nuclear doctrine and near-term negotiation of verifiable agreements to eliminate the danger of first strike nuclear war fighting.
  • Restore the INF Treaty limitations and prohibit deployment of “more usable” battlefield nuclear weapons.
  • Renew their commitments to Article VI of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and publish a timeline for the fulfillment of commitments made during previous NPT Review Conferences. Furthermore, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal must come to power again. We call for the international support for the TPNW.
  • Halt provocative military U.S., NATO, and Russian military exercises in the Baltic and Black Seas and the Artic Ocean and along the NATO/Russian border.
  • Halt shipment of arms supplies to the warring parties in Ukraine and renew their commitments to fulfilling the Minsk agreements.
  • Announce the commencement of negotiations to eliminate the danger of cyber hacking of U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals and their infrastructures essential for human security.
  • Commit to jointly provide vaccines and necessary materials for more than a billion Covid-19 shots via COVAX, and to future joint research for pandemic prevention.
  • Commit to joint initiatives to reverse climate change.

Three decades ago, in the course of their summit meeting in Malta, U.S. and Soviet leaders declared an end to the Cold War and the beginning of a new era of peace and security. Humanity urgently needs no less as we enter the third decade of the 21st century. IPB is calling for a new social contract.

Preference for Americans.

Because our lectors are 99% people from USA.

Pls write quaccheri@libero.it , as soon as possibile

15.06.2021 – US, United States – Common Dreams

How Democrats and Progressives Undermined the Potential of the Biden-Putin Summit
(Image by DonkeyHotey / CC)

No matter what happens at Wednesday’s summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, a grim reality is that Democratic Party leaders have already hobbled its potential to move the world away from the worsening dangers of nuclear war. After nearly five years of straining to depict Donald Trump as some kind of Russian agent—a depiction that squandered vast quantities of messaging without electoral benefits—most Democrats in Congress are now locked into a modern Cold War mentality that endangers human survival.

By Norman Solomon

In the new light of atomic weaponry, Albert Einstein warned against “the outmoded concept of narrow nationalisms.” But the concept is flourishing as both parties strive to outdo each other in vilifying Russia as a locus of evil. Rather than coming to terms with the imperative for détente between the two countries that brandish more than 90 percent of the world’s nuclear warheads, the Democratic leadership at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue has been heightening the bilateral tensions that increase the chances of thermonuclear holocaust.

Progressives—who are supposed to oppose the kind of “narrow nationalisms” that Einstein warned against at the dawn of the nuclear age—mostly steered clear of challenging the anti-Russia orthodoxy that emerged as an ostensible way of resisting the horrific Trump presidency.

President Biden has excelled at gratuitous and dangerous rhetoric about Russia. As this spring began, he declared on national television that President Putin is “a killer”—and boasted that he told the Russian leader that he has “no soul” while visiting the Kremlin in 2011. It was a repeat of a boast that Biden could not resist publicly making while he was vice president in 2014 and again while out of office in 2017. Such bombast conveys a distinct lack of interest in genuine diplomacy needed to avert nuclear war.

Meanwhile, what about self-described progressives who see themselves as a counterweight to the Democratic Party establishment? For the most part, they remained silent if not actively portraying Russia as a mortal enemy of the United States. Even renowned antiwar voices in Congress were not immune to party-driven jingoism.

Never mind that the structurally malign forces of corporate America—and the numerous right-wing billionaires heavily invested in ongoing assaults on democracy—appreciated the focus on Russia instead of on their own oligarchic power. And never mind that, throughout the Trump years, the protracted anti-Russia frenzy was often a diversion away from attention to the numerous specific threats to electoral democracy in the United States.

Two years ago, when the Voting Rights Alliance drew up a list of “61 Forms of Voter Suppression,” not one of those forms had anything to do with Russia.

Capacities to educate, agitate and organize against the profuse forms of voter suppression were hampered by the likes of MSNBC star Rachel Maddow, whose extreme fixation on Russian evils would have been merely farcical if not so damaging. Year after year, she virtually ignored a wide range of catastrophic U.S. government policies while largely devoting her widely watched program to stoking hostility toward Russia. Maddow became a favorite of many progressives who viewed her show as a fount of wisdom.

Progressives—who are supposed to oppose the kind of “narrow nationalisms” that Einstein warned against at the dawn of the nuclear age—mostly steered clear of challenging the anti-Russia orthodoxy that emerged as an ostensible way of resisting the horrific Trump presidency. Routinely, many accepted and internalized the scapegoating of Russia that was standard fare of mainstream media outlets—which did little to shed light on how threats to democracy in the United States were overwhelmingly homegrown, rooted in corporate power.

Now, on the verge of the Biden-Putin summit, U.S. media outlets are overflowing with calls to confront Russia as well as China, pounding on themes sure to delight investors in Pentagon contracting firms. Leading Democrats and Republicans are in step with reporters and pundits beating Cold War drums. How much closer do they want the Doomsday Clock to get to midnight before they call off their zeal to excite narrow nationalisms?

It scarcely seems to matter to anti-Russia zealots, whether “progressive” or not, that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists began this year with an ominous warning: “By our estimation, the potential for the world to stumble into nuclear war—an ever-present danger over the last 75 years—increased in 2020. An extremely dangerous global failure to address existential threats—what we called ‘the new abnormal’ in 2019—tightened its grip in the nuclear realm in the past year, increasing the likelihood of catastrophe.”

Far from the maddening crowd of reckless cold warriors, the American Committee for U.S.-Russia Accord released an open letter last week that made basic sense for the future of humanity: “The dangerous and in many ways unprecedented deterioration in relations between the United States and the Russian Federation must come to an end if we are to leave a safer world for future generations. . . . We believe that the time has come to resurrect diplomacy, restore and maintain a dialogue on nuclear risks that’s insulated from our political differences like we did during the Cold War. Without communication, this increases the likelihood of escalation to nuclear use in a moment of crisis.”

It’s a sad irony that such clarity and wisdom can scarcely be found among prominent Democrats in Congress, or among many of the groups that do great progressive work when focused on domestic issues. The recent fear-mongering over Russia has been a factor in refusals to embrace the anti-militarist message of Martin Luther King’s final year.

In the United States, the political context of the Biden-Putin summit should have included widespread progressive support for genuine diplomacy with Russia. Instead, overall, progressives went along with Democratic Party leaders and corporate liberal media as they fueled the momentum toward a nuclear doomsday

Norman Solomon is co-founder and national coordinator of RootsAction.org. His books include War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (2006) and Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America’s Warfare State” (2007).

 The original article can be found on our partner’s website here


Sweet is this state, though low: for in it I receive my daily bread, which is given of the Lord; for I cannot live to him, but as he breathe the breath of life upon me every moment.
Mary Penington

Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.
Elise Boulding

Simplicity is the name we give to our effort to free ourselves to give full attention to God’s still, small voice: the sum of our efforts to subtract from our lives everything that competes with God for our attention and clear hearing.
Lloyd Lee Wilson

O! make room for Christ in your hearts, or else He is never like to dwell with you; He loves to dwell with the poor and humble and contrite spirit, He abhors the proud. He will empty your souls that He may fill them.
William Dewsbury

Let us read about Simplicity: Spirit-led Restraint. Friends believe in simple living. This has historically meant simple dress, plain speech, and unadorned meeting houses for worship. Through the simplicity testimony, Friends encourage one another to look beyond the outward and to the inward.
In contemporary terms, Friends try to live lives in which activities and possessions do not get in the way of open and unencumbered communication with others and with one’s own spirituality. Clearing away the clutter makes it easier to hear the “still small voice” within.
Living simply is the right ordering of our lives and priorities.
Leonard Kenworthy

Whatever a man trusts in, that he makes his God, whether it is gold or silver, or the honors and pleasures of this world; if he trusts in these things, he makes them his God.
Stephen Crisp

May we look upon our treasure, the furniture of our houses, and our garments, and try to discover whether the seeds of war have nourishment in these our possessions.
John Woolman

The first generation of Friends did not have a testimony for simplicity. They came upon a faith which cut to the root of the way they saw life, radically reorienting it. They saw that all they did must flow directly from what they experienced as true, and that if it did not, both the knowing and the doing became false. In order to keep the knowledge clear and the doing true, they stripped away anything which seemed to get in the way. They called those things superfluities, and it is this radical process of stripping for clear-seeing which we now term simplicity.
Fran Irene Taber

How do we break out from what was perhaps a cultural prison (voluntary poverty in the arts, inspired by divine community of simplicity) without falling into the hands of the world?
Kenneth Boulding, 1983

Be still and cool in your own mind and spirit from your own thoughts, and then you will feel the principle of God to turn your mind to the Lord God, from whom life comes; whereby you may receive his strength and power to allay all blusterings, storms, and tempests.
George Fox

On this date in 1561 (June 13th), three Hutterites were executed in Innsbruck, Austria. (See Martyrs’ Mirror, pp. 645-646.)

Eustachius Kotter (aka Eustace Kuter), a stone mason, was put to death first, by beheading. He had been rebaptized in 1540 by Leonhard Lanzenstiel.

Jorg Rack (aka George Raeck), a Hutterite deacon, was executed next, also by beheading.

Finally, Hans Mandl (aka John Korbmacher), a basketmaker and leader in the Hutterite community, was tied to a ladder and thrown onto a fire. He had been rebaptized in 1536 by Onophrius Griesinger (who was executed in 1538). In earlier years, Hans had been captured and imprisoned on three separate occasions, and each time he was able to escape.

~The Anabaptist Executions Guide

martyrsmirror #hutterites #hutteritehistory #innsbruck #anabaptist #anabaptisthistory #tdih #thisdayinhistory #onthisdayinhistory

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We must act and dare the appropiateness and not whatever comes to our mind not floating in the likelihood but grasp the reality as brave as we can be freedom lies in action not in the absence of mind obedience knows the essence of good and satisfies it, freedom dares to act and returns God the ultimate judgment of what is right and what is wrong, Obedience performs blindly but Freedom is wide awake Freedom wants to know why, Obedience has its hands tied, Freedom is inventive obedient man respects God’s commands and by virtu of his Freedom, he creats new commands. Both Obedience and Freedom come true in responsability (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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