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In Europe is Maurizio Benazzi:

Who is Maurizio Benazzi?

Maurizio Benazzi has got his degree in theology, becoming an expert in homiletics, in June 2001 at the Waldesian University of Theology in Rome. In the previous years, he has collaborated with the Catholic ACLI group of Legnano (near Milan, Italy) in 1996, and then with a Lutheranian synodal group until 2001. He has temporarely worked as Reformed Pastor in Locarno (Switzerland). After this experience, he decided to be a secular member of the Waldesian Church in Milan until 2003.

Since then, he has chosen to investigate better the social theological matter and study new ways about how to improve the interreligious dialogue among different faiths, on one hand, and non-belivers, on the other, giving his efforts and his spare time to write on Ecumenici newsletter daily articles. He hasn’t given the last three exams to obtain the university degree about Historical and Religious Science at La Sapienza University in Rome, despite he has obtained good marks in the previous exams. He likes to say that he practically obtained his second degree through his wide kwnoledge. Actually, as a Zwinglianian theologian, without having any chuch to aim to, he normally works to keep his free theological activity.

This activity started at the end of the Nineties, organizing religious meetings in Milan with the current chairman of the Venerable Ambrosian Library and Gallery. This activity has increased through new studies and experiences.

He is 45 years old. He lives at Legnano and works as an accountant in a firm in Milan. In his free time he likes reading. He has got a wide number of books. He isn’t a member of any religious community. He sometimes meet the Baptist community. He is single.


Now in 2015. 51 yo,  Maurizio Benazzi want became a Quaker and he lives in Olgiate Olona.


Maurizio dott. Benazzi

Via Luigi Tovo 3

I 21057 Olgiate Olona VA

Tel (0039) 0331 641844

Mobile (0039) 392 1943729

Skype: maurizio.benazzi