The Postmodern Quaker

Each particular moment will reveal the nature of [God’s] will. You must merely be perfectly clear that your will must in every instance be accommodated to the divine will; your will must be surrendered if the divine will is to be realized. Hence to the extent that acting before God requires utter renunciation of personal demands and claims from us, Christian ethical acts can be characterized as love. … There are no ethical principles enabling Christians, as it were, to make themselves moral. Instead, one has only the decisive moment at hand …. Never, however, can yesterday decisively influence my moral actions today. … I will do something again today not because it seemed the right thing to do yesterday, but because today, too, God’s will has pointed me in that direction. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “What Is a Christian Ethic?”


While speaking about Elizabeth Gray Vining during worship on 2/2/20…

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