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11.11.2019 – Redacción Chile

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Facing the resignation of President Evo Morales and the coup d’état in Bolivia
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By José Gabriel Feres*

The resignation of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, and of Vice-President Álvaro García Lineras is undoubtedly a regrettable fact, not only for Bolivia, but for all democratic processes on the continent and in the world. The international rejection has been categorical to the coup d’état that has been consummated this Monday, November 10, in our brother country.

This happens after the decision of Evo Morales and his government to call for new elections as a way of resolving the crisis that was brewing. It was a decisive response that did not accept calculations, but privileged what was best for its people. A response that arises without a doubt from Evo Morales’ profound humanist sensitivity, as well as his forced resignation at this moment, which responds to avoid the bloodshed of his people, who were already victims of the persecution and murder of sectors of the police and paramilitary gangs promoted and financed by facist groups in eastern Bolivia.

Several of the President’s political actions may have been the object of discussion, even on the part of his own adherents and his support suffering the wear and tear of 13 years of government, but his decision to call new elections undoubtedly magnified him and serves as an exemplary referent in showing that conflicts of this magnitude can only be resolved with more democracy.

The fact that the coup d’état was consummated, even after the call for new elections made by Evo Morales, can only be explained by the clear intention of ending his government and not being willing to risk being able to do this democratically. How can we not take advantage of the moment to ensure his overthrow by force!

Unfortunately, once again we have to live in Latin America the violence of anti-humanist sectors that are not willing to abandon their privileges and for whom procedures such as lies, boycotts, the purchase of politicians and social leaders, the complicity of the judiciary, etc., are not enough and who finally resort to sectors of the Armed Forces to promote coups d’état and impede the advance of democracy.

I am certain that these situations, which will undoubtedly have a high cost in suffering, are the last breathes of a dying system before its total disappearance, since finally the peoples will recover their stolen freedom and will take their destiny in their hands, enabling a better future for all.

Finally, the refusal of the Chilean government – as well as the governments of Peru, Argentina and Brazil – not to allow Evo Morales and Alvaro García Lineras (according to journalistic sources in Bolivia) to enter the airspace of the plane in which they were flying is inexplicable, since in doing so they have made their right to seek asylum more difficult and have left them exposed to the political violence expressed today by their coup opponents.

*Vice-president of the Humanist Party

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