1. To the President of the European Parliament, Honorable David Sassoli

I hereby draw to the attention of David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, the astonishment and indignation for the recent resolution regarding the comparison and equivalence between Communism and Nazism approved by the Parliament chaired by him, also on behalf of all the communists in Italy and throughout Europe.
We firmly believe that the parliaments cannot and should not rewrite history according to the current political affairs.
Equalizing Communism and Fascism on the practical, theoretical and ideological level means making the biggest historiographical and political mistake ever.
This equation between Soviet Union – the country that payed more than all the others the cost of human lives during the Second World War– with Nazi Germany ends up placing victims and perpetrators on the same level.
Blaming the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact (actually a non-aggression agreement) as the cause of the outbreak of the Second World War means erasing ten years of history in one go, and failing to adequately apportion blame to Great Britain, France and United States for their heavy responsibilities in the Spanish Civil War as much as in the annexation of Austria and Sudeten.
It also means neglecting the Munich Conference in 1938, occasion when Chamberlain and Daladier shook hands with Hitler and Mussolini, giving them the opportunity to occupy and tore asunder a sovreign state.
Disregarding the key role of the Red Army in the European liberation from Fascism is an insult against memory.
Neglecting the crucial role communists played in italian and european Resistance means offending our history as much as the one of other important european countries. In Italy, the Partisans organizations that were most active and numerous, had the highest casualty numbers in combat, were the Garibaldi Brigades, organized and directed by communists; furthermore, during the Fascist regime, communists were the ones who had to endure the greatest number of sentences, of years in jail and confinement, tortures and executions. The help that communists gave to antifascism can’t be hidden, and there can be no equivalence between fascism and those who paid the highest tribute of blood fighting against it.
If we move forward in this direction we accept and foster violence against communists and their outlawing, as already happens in some eastern countries such as Poland, Hungary and Baltic States.
Let’s consider, furthermore, what is going on in Donbass and Ukraine: just outside the borders of the European Union.
We are not afraid of this anti-democratic campaign: we’re ready to stand up for our ideas and for the political rights we deserve.
We just intend to show our alarm: in the European Union this kind of crimes keep on being perpetrated.
As communists we’ll always lead any uprising for freedom and social justice, and never comply with the totalitarianism of globalization, profit and market rules.

Roma, 28 October 2019                                                                            on. Marco Rizzo