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Maurizio Benazzi


You’re invited to join World Quaker Day 2019

FWCC World Office E-News

Exciting news for Quakers in the ecumenical world, highlights from World Quaker Day highlights one month on, and an invitation to save the date for the FWCC Sustainability Online Conference…

Thank you for joining World Quaker Day 2019!

First of all – thank you from the World Office! It is now one month on from World Quaker Day 2019, and our reports are live.

Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions from World Quaker Day 2019. It’s been great to go through the reports and read about the what Quakers around the world have been up to. Some of the highlights have been tree planting, singing, dancing, and sharing meals together. They are very inspiring!

We have included a few highlights from the four different sections below and the rest of the submissions photos are uploaded onto the World Quaker Day website. You can read the full reports on our website.

Section of the Americas – World Quaker Day

Friends at Lake At Lake Forest Friends Meeting (Illinois Yearly Meeting) learning about the four sections of FWCC on World Quaker Day 2019.
The Section of the Americas did not disappoint in their World Quaker Day submissions. We saw friends from across the branches celebrating by learning about the four sections of the family of Friends, sharing meals, planting trees and much more.

For example, we heard from Friends at Lake Forest Friends Meeting (Illinois Yearly Meeting), the early elementary first day school class learned about the 4 sections of FWCC. Then they shared that information, telling the meeting there are Quaker children all over the world. They also made cookies for coffee hour to help everyone celebrate World Quaker Day.

See the full report from the section on the website

Europe and Middle East – World Quaker Day

F(f)riends gathered in the Hills in Oslo on World Quaker Day 2019.
In Europe and the Middle East Friends gathered in large and small numbers to celebrate World Quaker Day. We heard from gatherings in the hills of Oslo, and cosy shared lunches in several meeting houses in the UK, including one Westminster Meeting in London where Gretchen, the General Secretary from the World Office, spoke about Friends around the world.

See the full report from the section on the website

Asia – West Pacific Section – World Quaker Day

Friends in Taranaki Monthly Meeting, New Plymouth new Zealand gathering to plant trees and share tea on World Quaker Day 2019.
In a section that encompasses many languages, Friends in the Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC held international Skype calls across their section with fellow Friends, shared meals, planting trees and much more.

For example, one group in Taranaki Monthly Meeting, New Plymouth, New Zealand  said:

”We have interpreted Sustainability: planting seeds for renewal of this world we love  literally and have started an on-going Tararanki Quaker Native Tree Nursery Project to nurture a collection of native seedlings (either found or grown from seeds collected by Friends) to plant out for restoration of native forest at some future date. The first plant collected in time for World Quaker Day is shown here and is a native Kowhai rescued from a growing wild in a suburban garden where previously it would have been pulled out and discarded.”

See the full report from the section on the website

Africa Section – World Quaker Day

World Quaker Day 2019 at Hill House meeting, Ghana.
Friends in Africa gathered across the continent to plant trees, engage in discussions around sustainability, sing songs, and celebrate being part of a large Quaker family.

For example, at Hill House Meeting in Ghana, they asked themselves ”How does sustainability run through Quaker testimonies”? 

Collectively the meeting said their ”discussions went beyond the grim global environmental challenges being caused largely by human activities to how to create a better world we love with Quaker testimonies individually and collectively”. 

Overall they agreed ”Hill House as an environmentally friendly place, to continue to plant more trees, nurture them and individually live by Quaker testimonies of simplicity, truth, equality, peace and sustainability”. At their next business meeting, they have agreed to explore the feasibility of limiting the use of plastic bags in their shopping.

Read the full report from Hill House, and more from the Africa section on the World Quaker Day website: See the full report from the section on the website

Quaker General Secretary to serve as leader of the World Ecumenical Conference

Gretchen Castle, General Secetary of FWCC World Office and new chairperson of The Christian World Communions with the previous chairperson, Martin Junge.

Not only was October 2019, the month the World Quaker Family celebrated the 6th annual World Quaker Day, but it was also the month that Gretchen Castle, the General Secretary of the World Quaker Office was appointed the chairperson for the Christian World Communions Conference.

Gretchen, will be the first woman to be the chairperson. Quakers, yet again, are leading the way for a worldwide representative to be a woman.

What is The Christian World Communions and what do they do?  The Christian World Communions is made up of general secretaries from Christian communions who have a world presence. They meet annually as the Conference of General Secretaries for fellowship and support as religious leaders, learning about shared common missions and concerns, and promoting Christian unity as a constructive influence in the world.  It is comprised of those communions who have a global presence and a world office.
The previous chairperson, Martin Junge of the Lutheran World Federation tweeted, “I am happy about the unanimous readiness of the Conference of Secretaries to receive her gifts and her leadership.”

In a time when we are challenged to come together across the globe, we are reminded that spaces where Christians can come together are more important than ever. Gretchen’s new position is continuing the message of FWCC ‘’to encourage fellowship among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends’’ and now within Christians around the world. The Friends World Office, along with the four sections the Quaker family are celebrating the happy news.

Invitation to join FWCC World Family of Friends for an Sustainability Online Conference

Saturday 22 February 2020!

How does God call us to Act?
‘‘Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.’’
1 Corinthians 16:13

Where do Quakers stand on sustainability? What are Friends doing to reduce the human impact on climate change?

Aim of the online conference:  To collect a shared Quaker voice on sustainability and ask ‘What part do Quakers play in creating a sustainable future?’ ‘How does God call us to care for all creation?”

Background: As Friends, we recognised the need to respond to sustainability. In 2016, at our last world plenary, we generated the Pisac Sustainability Minute which has led to exploring the work Quakers are doing on sustainability across the world, asking Friends and Yearly Meetings to take action to promote sustainability at all levels. We recognize the importance of caring for God’s creation.

But now, almost four years on, we recognise the need to gather, to share, to understand where we are as a family sharing this urgent concern.

However because the theme of the conference is exploring what we as Quakers can do for a more sustainable future, FWCC is mindful not to increase our carbon footprint. We are aware of the importance of gathering in person together as a family, but this time we will be gathering together online. As the first time we are doing this, it’s an exciting opportunity for us all!

Keep your eyes out for the invitation and registration details coming soon!

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