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01.09.2019 – London UK – Silvia Swinden

Massive UK protests against Boris Johnson political coup
(Image by Our future, our choice Twitter)

UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has obtained permission from the Queen to shut down Parliament. Under false pretences as disclosed by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace who was caught on camera explaining the real reason why Parliament has been prorogued. Nothing to do with a new agenda (presented to the Queen as the reason for it) – it is all about numbers as the government knows they can’t command a majority in the House of Commons, to agree to no-deal Brexit. This outrageous assault on Democracy has brought massive protests into the streets of many UK cities, here some images.

Pictures by Antonio Carvallo

Pictures by Momentum Facebook

”We’re here because our democracy wasn’t given to us as an act of generosity or charity by the people on top,” said Owen Jones, a progressive activist and columnist for the [Guardian] newspaper, speaking as a protest particpant. “It was won through the struggle and sacrifice of our ancestors and it’s not for an unelected prime minister to shut down the elected parliament to ram through a no deal [Brexit] for which he has not democratic mandate.”

Reading for August 30 from Praying for Justice. “Then Jehoahaz entreated the favor of the Lord, and the Lord listened to him; for He saw the oppression of Israel, how the King of Aram oppressed them.” 2 Kings 13: 4

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We must act and dare the appropiateness and not whatever comes to our mind not floating in the likelihood but grasp the reality as brave as we can be freedom lies in action not in the absence of mind obedience knows the essence of good and satisfies it, freedom dares to act and returns God the ultimate judgment of what is right and what is wrong, Obedience performs blindly but Freedom is wide awake Freedom wants to know why, Obedience has its hands tied, Freedom is inventive obedient man respects God’s commands and by virtu of his Freedom, he creats new commands. Both Obedience and Freedom come true in responsability (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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