Ohio Yearly Meeting sponsors a variety of events, programs and organizations throughout the year. These include:

The Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting

On Stillwater's Porch

The Friends Center is a retreat and conference center for outreach for the Christian unprogrammed Quakerism of Ohio Yearly Meeting. The Friends Center expresses Ohio Yearly Meeting’s grounding in Christian faith and its tradition of hospitality for spiritual seekers. Here we can explore, articulate and share an understanding of Quaker faith and practice that is both unprogrammed and Christian. While that faith is rooted in the experience and writings of earlier Friends, we seek to express it in ways appropriate to the language and conditions of our own time. OYM’s witness was shaped by its original rural location in the hills of eastern Ohio. Thus, the Friends Center is an appropriate place in which to explore issues affecting rural life and community as they grow out of faith. [read more]

The Walton Home

Walton Retirement Home is a non-profit and charitable ministry of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers). We offer both Assisted Living and Independent Living options in a caring environment. Walton Retirement Home is a state-licensed Assisted Living facility. Independent Living options include private residences and apartments. [read more]

The Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends

The Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends is an outreach effort of Ohio Yearly Meeting, creating a safe space for Friends who are in unity with, or are curious about, the witness of Conservative Friends. The Wider Fellowship sponsors a General Gathering of Conservative Friends once every two years in Barnesville, Ohio. Occasionally, other Friends host the Gathering in off years. The 2018 Gathering will be held in Barnesville, June 22-24! [read more]