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The real “bottom line” is your spiritual condition, not your financial condition. You’re true “net worth” is what you possess after everything material is gone. Pursuing Jesus is a game changer. Life’s never the same when you put Him first. When Jesus is living inside a person, it shows on the outside. If you’ve had an electric shock, you know it. If you’ve ever met Jesus, you know it.

A body of believers relating together can often reflect Jesus better than one person can alone. When Jesus-followers collaborate in humility, they open the floodgate of His love. Roles in the body of Christ should be assigned by the Holy Spirit. “The priesthood of the believer” gives all Christ-followers the same status.

The body of Christ is more than assembled spectators observing a performance. If people’s only role in a church service, is to be a spectator, they have no role…

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