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Jesus is a ventriloquist. Will you be His dummy? (Matthew 10:20) Christ’s ventriloquism happens when ordinary people speak as led by the Spirit. “Christianity for Dummies”–Open your mouth and let Christ the Ventriloquist fill it with His words! –Psalm 81:10 (Learn how to start a Jesus’ Ventriloquist Group here.)

Paul Winchell said: “Ventriloquism today is in a slump.” That’s also true about Jesus’ ventriloquism through everyday people. Perhaps it’s time to let Jesus speak through you! (If Christ lives in you, then He can speak through you. Will you let Him?)

When ordinary Christians speak humbly, from the heart, the words of Christ come out. If we hold back the words of Jesus, we’re like a ventriloquist’s dummy with lockjaw.

Just saying what Jesus puts in your mouth is to flow with God’s words. To be a ventriloquist’s dummy in Jesus’ hands, is to speak with love &…

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