11.04.2017 – Argentina Guillermo Sullings

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UN, Hypocrisy as a weapon of mass destruction

Surely few will be surprised by the recent bombing of Syria ordered by Trump. If we were already used to the permanent military intervention of the US throughout the planet, with a bully as brand-new president it was foreseeable that the decadent empire would strengthen its bet. The excuse this time was the criminal use of chemical weapons on the part of Assad, causing the death of civilians. In order to punish such crime the US shot Tomahawk missiles, killing even more civilians, of course, tensing even more the string of international relations in a fast return to the times of the cold war.

But we need not get alarmed, because as we were taught in primary school, the Security Council of the United Nations, created after World War II in order to guarantee peace in the world, will take care of the issue … How much hypocrisy!

A week ago I had opportunity of be in New York for the presentation of the book “At the Crossroads of Humanity’s Future”, in which I precisely dedicate a chapter to the topic of the United Nations and the contradiction of a Security Council controlled by the biggest producers of weapons of the world. Also I had opportunity to enter the headquarters of the UN and witness the sessions dealing with the project of prohibition of nuclear weapons; a laudable attempt supported by more than 130 countries, although clearly boycotted by all the nuclear powers, the NATO countries, and some other accomplices of the hypocritical parody of international order, including the shameful refusal of Japan to support this project.

Those who tear their clothes when others violate the prohibition to use chemical weapons; those who in repeated occasions have used that pretext, with proof or without it, to bomb civilians and invade countries, apparently not considering that the nuclear warheads are also weapons of mass destruction and therefore not seeing the need to forbid them, put as excuse the need for deterrence, since in that select nuclear club there will always be some irresponsible ones that could use their weapons, and then the more “responsible” members of the club must disuade them with their own arsenals.

Meanwhile the rest of the world must live together with the permanent sword of Damocles of global extermination, without knowing in which moment some prepotent and criminal idiot from any side would unleash the disaster.

It is obviously clear that nuclear weapons have served neither to dissuade nor to avoid confrontations with conventional weapons, which have multiplied in the latest decades, mainly through the banditry of military powers, and the deals of the military-industrial-financial complex. Terrorism has been engendered by that same monster, and it will not be more armamentism that stops the violence.

The signing of a treaty of prohibition of nuclear weapons will be extremely useful, even without support from the nuclear powers, because it will put in evidence even more the hypocrisy of those who seek to control the United Nations, and perhaps it could help create awareness in the populations, so that they withdraw support from belicist rulers, and stop being accomplices of their bullying, no longer followings them.

The hypocrisy of global media must not be ignored, as they permanently skew the information demonizing the violence of only one side, whilst blessing the “just sword” of the other. They manipulate public opinion so that some victims of the violence appear in all their human dimension, causing widespread repulsion and rejection towards the victimizers; whilst the victims of other side end up being simple statistics, a collateral damage.

There is a need to support firmly the initiative of prohibition of nuclear weapons, and perhaps eventually we can prohibit all weapons. But also we need a strong campaign against the hypocrisy of the powerful, the rulers, the economic interests. the criminals of terrorism and of the conventional armies that kill in the name of justice and peace as well as that of the media that seek to show themselves as neutral and independent, whilst they manipulate public opinion to serve the interests of those in power. It is also important to warn about the quota of hypocrisy of ordinary citizens, who while not feeling affected directly, support explicitly or by omission the rulers that feed the global violence; until the time when the violence comes close to them, but then it is already too late to react.

Therefore, and before it is too late, let us react in front to the violence that is outside, but also in front of the violence that is inside of us, because the human species is at risk, and in front of that, indifference and hypocrisy are also weapons of mass destruction.





Translated from Spanish by Silvia Swinden