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The spiritual life is a mystery. Indeed, the relationship between body, mind, heart, soul and spirit (and the degree to which these depend on one another) isn’t something we’ll likely ever understand completely.

For those who have eyes to see, however, there are many clues in the natural world. Recently, I came to see a pretty good analogy for the life of the Spirit in terms of a squirrel, an acorn, an oak tree, and a field.

The acorn in this analogy represents the body, and the squirrel is the mind or soul. Like acorns, our bodies are carried along by our souls (the squirrels). The soul depends on the body, just as the squirrel depends on the acorns; and just like the acorn, the body depends on the soul (the squirrel) to carry it along.

Like the squirrel, the soul doesn’t always know where it’s taking the…

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