Endre’s Story

The name Endre, Andy in English, is common in Norway. In Norse mythology, Endre was one of Odin’s sons. And in modern Norwegian, the name also has echoes of ‘change’.

When he was little, Endre lived in a town, surrounded by shops and tower blocks, by traffic and noise. But his Nan lived in the countryside, not far away. When he was old enough, he could cycle there, often going to stay for the weekend. And there he would play with his good friend, Nikolas, who lived on the farm next door. The pair of them went swimming in the lake, chased after and caught caterpillars and moths with their nets in the meadows (there were so many different kinds, Endre collected over 100). But his Nan was getting older. It had been a long time since she had kept any cows. Best of all, Endre liked to…

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