The Idge of Reason

My name is Lisa, I am a qualified social worker, and for 6 years I watched the deliberate exploitation of inequality as a response to austerity and I lived with it while I raised my daughter under attack by the Tories. During this time I watched the Labour left you represent, abusing people and demanding they didn’t discuss politcial consensus while you manufactured a Labour focused anti-cuts movement. THis particularly affected social work, vulnerable children, social care, and women like me. Single parents. My trade union said some cuts were ok as long as it was UNISON members hit repeatedly. I got a cast iron demonstration of how the working class were disenfranchised and I got it from the Labour left. Our trade unions were loyal to you but not us. You wanted us as objects in your identity and there was no opposition to austerity.

You are the protective seal around…

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