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Overview of SADF’s role in military conscription in South Africa

The South African government, owing to a threat of United Nations actions in respect of South West Africa, initiated a citizen call up in 1964, the SADF was tasked with the mobilization of Citizen Force units. Ontvang/Reception depots (OVD/RCD) units around the country, which had been used during the second world war where re-activated in areas of high population density to muster these Citizen Force units. Primary units, such as 15 RCD were activated on 29 April 1964, and it’s mandate was the highest population density region – the Witwatersrand (now Gauteng). When the United Nations intervention threat subsided, the Reception Depots were retained and from 1967 onwards they began to process the national service intake of recruits drawn from their receptive areas of responsibility.

Conscription in the SADF was tasked to the Personnel Services Corps, and operated by Reception…

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