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Marginal Mennonite Society

On this date in 1539 (Dec. 16th), soldiers appeared at the Hutterite bruderhof in the village of Steinabrunn, Lower Austria, a few miles south of Nikolsburg, on the Moravian border. They took away 130 to 150 men, women, and young people, in chains, to the nearby market village of Falkenstein, and imprisoned them in the castle (pictured). Over the following weeks the Hutterites were interrogated by the authorities. They were also visited by priests who tried in vain to return them to the Catholic fold. Finally, towards the end of January 1540, the women and the sick were released. The men, about 90 of them, were taken in chains all the way to Trieste, Italy, where they were sentenced to become galley slaves on the Doge’s warships. While still imprisoned in Trieste, the men escaped by using their chains to let themselves down the prison wall facing the sea. Most were able to return home to their families, and then on to safer territory in Moravia. But a few were recaptured and taken back to Trieste, presumably spending their remaining days as slave laborers on the warships of the Mediterranean.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Anabaptist History Series