The Armchair Theologian

This post is based on remarks I made during The Past, Present, and Future of Christian Marriage Open Forum held at Chester Cathedral on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016. Beside me on the panel was Dr Ben Fulford, Canon Jeremy Pemberton and Rev.Sarah Jones. The event was part of Chester’s Sexuality and Anglican Identities Project. For more information on the research project and up-and-coming events, please see:

Improving the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Contemporary theological discussions concerning the status of same-sex marriage, have frequently focused on a narrow range of Scriptural texts. For many Christian ethicists, Genesis 2:18-25, Romans 1:26 and Matthew 19:1-12 continue to serve as recurrent lenses through which to understand the moral status of same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships more generally. Such a selective emphasis has invariably led to an exaggerated exploration of the notion of ‘natural order’, complementarity and gender identity to the exclusion of a…

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