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Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

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Happy birthday, Lucy Perkins Carner (Nov. 30, 1886 – Feb. 20, 1983)! #Quaker. #Pacifist. Civil rights activist. War tax resister. Board member of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF), and the War Resisters League. Born in York, Pennsylvania. Died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
~The Mennonite Matriarchal Movement Heroes Series.

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Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

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Mennonite Matriarchal Movement

Happy birthday, Jemima Wilkinson (Nov. 29, 1752 – July 1, 1819)! #Pacifist. #Feminist. #Abolitionist. Transgender evangelist. Grew up in a strict #Quaker home in Rhode Island. Founder in 1783 of the Society of Universal Friends. Advocate for simplicity in dress and lifestyle. After a near-death experience in 1776, Jemima changed her name to “Publick Universal Friend.” She stopped using gendered pronouns, as s/he came to believe s/he was neither male nor female. Gained a huge following that bordered on cult status. Regarded as a messianic figure by many. Her mission: to preach to a “lost and guilty, gossiping, dying world.” She stressed a regimen of sexual abstinence and friendship with everyone. Founder of a utopian community near Seneca Lake, New York, in 1788. Her house in Jerusalem, New York, is still standing. Born in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Died near…

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Oddkin's Thoughts

Image result for prosperity gospel picsIt goes by many names. Word of Faith. The Power of Positive Thinking. The Law of Attraction. Name it and Claim it. The Prosperity Gospel.

While there are many names for it, the basic principle is the same: whatever we think, is what we will receive. If we have enough faith and think positive, we will be rewarded with better health, financial prosperity, and less suffering in our lives.

The not-so-subtle implication is that if we’re poor or sick, we must have somehow brought this on ourselves through our own negative thoughts or lack of faith.

All we have to do to be “successful” in a worldly sense is to think differently, we are told, and we will naturally prosper. It’s an enormously popular idea; and it’s utterly at odds with the message of Jesus.

 Prosperity theology is correct in one sense: we will never be able…

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Oddkin's Thoughts

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On November 9th, 2016, I awoke to find that Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States. My first reaction was shock; I found it hard to believe this had happened. I had been sure that for better or worse, Hillary Clinton was going to be elected.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised. I had seen this coming, after all. Several months earlier, I had a vision in which Trump became President – immediately followed by protests and riots in every major city in America. But I had never thought that this vision would come true!

Surely, I had thought, the American people aren’t that dumb. Surely, people wouldn’t be stupid enough to vote for someone who had said (quite openly) that he would “close up” the Internet, spy on people, and ban all Muslims from entering this country.

Surely, I thought, someone who had…

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Some grace-filled families regularly experience peaceful, even enjoyable, family meals. The rest of us probably dig in our heels at the-family-meal-is-the-best-part-of-the-day hype.

Sorgente: A Must: Family Meals Together

Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

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Hans Denck (c. 1500 – Nov. 27, 1527). South German Anabaptist leader. Pacifist. Universalist. Proto-Quaker. Believed that the Divine Light exists within the heart and mind of every human being. Died of the plague in Basel, Switzerland. MMS’s favorite Anabaptist. We are Denckites.

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Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

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Happy birthday, Sarah Moore Grimke (Nov. 26, 1792 – Dec. 23, 1873)! #Quaker. #Pacifist. #Suffragist. #Abolitionist. Sarah openly challenged the domestic roles of women in society. She was the author of “Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women,” first run serially in newspapers then published in book form in 1838. Sarah worked closely with her sister, Angelina, on a range of social issues. Born in Charleston, South Carolina. Died in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Mattapan, Massachusetts

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The Armchair Theologian

William Penn and the Stoics

William Penn remains one of early Quakerism’s most vibrant thinkers. He not only applied Quaker principles to the tricky business of statecraft but synthesized the charismatic spirituality of the early 1640s with the intellectual impulses of the Restoration’s cultural elite. Among the most influential ingredients of this fusion was the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism. Rooted in the rich intellectual melting-pot of 4th century Athens, the Stoic School taught that the path to greatest happiness involved a life of contemplation, simplicity, and sobriety.  At the heart of these commitments was a firm belief that deep within each person there subsisted a divine spark of Reason which connected each creature to a Supreme Being.  We might say that Stoics felt called to live an ‘accompanied life’. A Stoic sage might be deprived of his possessions, thrown in prison, or be facing death, but he was…

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24.11.2016 acTVism Munich
Reexamining History with Chomsky: The Marshall Plan
(Image by acTVism Munich)

This video is a continuation of our series “Re-examining History”, which features an interview that we held with Prof. Noam Chomsky. Prof Chomsky will focus on historical developments that seldom, if at all, appear or are discussed in Western mainstream historical literature.

  • Was the Marshall plan a success or failure?
  • What sections of US & German society profited from the Marshall plan?

These and more questions will be addressed in the video (click to go to video).

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We must act and dare the appropiateness and not whatever comes to our mind not floating in the likelihood but grasp the reality as brave as we can be freedom lies in action not in the absence of mind obedience knows the essence of good and satisfies it, freedom dares to act and returns God the ultimate judgment of what is right and what is wrong, Obedience performs blindly but Freedom is wide awake Freedom wants to know why, Obedience has its hands tied, Freedom is inventive obedient man respects God’s commands and by virtu of his Freedom, he creats new commands. Both Obedience and Freedom come true in responsability (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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