foto di Marginal Mennonite Society.
Marginal Mennonite Society

On this date in 1419 (July 30th), an event occurred in ‪#‎Prague‬, Czech Republic, that became known to history as the “First Defenestration of Prague.” A ‪#‎Hussite‬ priest named Jan Zelivsky was marching with his congregation to Prague’s New Town Hall (pictured) to confront members of the town council. The Hussites were agitated about corruption within the Catholic Church, as well as increasing inequalities between the peasants and the ruling class. As Zelivsky’s group neared their destination, someone threw a stone from one of the New Town Hall windows. The people in the streets reacted swiftly. They stormed the building, broke into the council chamber, and threw several council members out the windows, to their deaths. Thus began the Hussites Wars, which lasted for the next couple decades.