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Quakerism: Taking A Bite Of The AppleI1969: Looking back, my own “formation” as a Quaker began under Morris Mitchell at Friends World College in 1966, and while it has never really ended, I can recognize a kind of novitiate that continued until 1975. And instead of one mentor, or “novice master,” I had several, some…

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Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

Happy 64th birthday, Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge (born June 29, 1952)! ‪#‎Quaker‬. ‪#‎Communist‬. Anti-apartheid activist. AIDS activist. South African Minister of Health from 2004 to 2007. Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.

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FAQs for Friends– Part #9 (The Last Part): Jesus & The Golden Gate BridgeSince it’s been a few weeks since Part #8 was posted, we’ll repeat the last Query from #8, as a way of catching up.(To read earlier posts in this series, click here.)Q. Did Anybody Else Besides These Early Friends Repeat The (radical &…

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Happy birthday, Grace Lee Boggs (June 27, 1915 – Oct. 5, 2015)! ‪#‎Feminist‬. ‪#‎Socialist‬. Civil rights activist. Philosopher. Writer. Died at the age of 100. Author of “Living for Change: An Autobiography” (1998) and “The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century” (2011), among other works. Born in Providence, Rhode Island. Died in Detroit, Michigan.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.

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Checking out “Convention-al” WisdomComing, up, national political conventions, Cleveland (Republican), Philadelphia (Democrat.)This post is not about candidates, platforms, or horse race predictions. I’m thinking about convention security.I’m no expert, but in 2012, I got a pretty good outsider’s glimpse of external convention security measures while spending several days in the neighborhood near the Democrats’ gathering…

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Happy birthday, Helen Marston Beardsley (June 26, 1892 – Feb. 21, 1982)! ‪#‎Quaker‬. ‪#‎Socialist‬. Anti-war activist, from World War I through the Vietnam War. Anti-nuclear activist. Civil rights activist. Founder of the San Diego chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) in 1923 and the San Diego chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1933. Born and died in San Diego, California. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, California.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.


The outcome of the EU referendum and the campaigning that led up to it have shown up and sometimes exacerbated divisions within and between our communities.

Arms around shoulders

There is now a great need for bridge-building, for reaching out to one another in love, trusting that below the political differences lie a shared humanity and a wish for flourishing communities.

Inequalities run deep in society and some are exposed by the vote. Quakers in England, Scotland and Wales are committed to working together and with others – including Quakers across Europe – for a peaceful and just world. In the coming year our Quaker Yearly Meeting will focus on building movements with others locally and globally. We refuse to prejudge who is or is not an ally.

Turbulent times can be frightening, but the Spirit is a source of strength for all, guiding us in who we are and what we do. We take heart from the knowledge that with change comes opportunity. We will look for creative ways to find common cause, to listen, to influence and to persuade. As the status quo is shaken we and our neighbours must look to one another for support, wisdom and above all ways of healing divisions.

Quaccheri e cristiani non evangelici senza chiesa

foto di Marginal Mennonite Society.
Marginal Mennonite Society

On this date in 1545 (June 24th), Hans Bluetl was burned at the stake in ‪#‎Ried‬, Austria. He was a ‪#‎Hutterite‬.

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“Meetings” – Small Is Beautiful – But Is It Buddhist?An excerpt:1976: I was working essentially full time, for the weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian, but was on a freelance basis. Paid by the published article, I was seriously poor.Yet I was not unhappy with my lot: the Bay Guardian was a journalistic legend; the editors…

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Watching the concept of spiritual attainment deconstruct ….

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We must act and dare the appropiateness and not whatever comes to our mind not floating in the likelihood but grasp the reality as brave as we can be freedom lies in action not in the absence of mind obedience knows the essence of good and satisfies it, freedom dares to act and returns God the ultimate judgment of what is right and what is wrong, Obedience performs blindly but Freedom is wide awake Freedom wants to know why, Obedience has its hands tied, Freedom is inventive obedient man respects God’s commands and by virtu of his Freedom, he creats new commands. Both Obedience and Freedom come true in responsability (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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