Quaccheri cristiani ecumenici per fare il bene

Happy birthday, John Bowne (March 9, 1627 – Dec. 20, 1695)! ‪#‎Quaker‬.‪#‎Pacifist‬. Pioneer of religious liberty. Born in Matlock, Derbyshire, England. Migrated with his father and sister to Boston, Massachusetts in 1648. In 1661 he moved to Flushing, Long Island (now in the NYC borough of Queens), where he joined a group of Quakers already living there. Soon afterwards Bowne built a house at the corner of 37th Avenue and Bowne Street. The house is still standing (see photo), though it has been altered and renovated many times over the years. In 1662, Bowne was arrested on orders of Peter Stuyvesant (governor of the colony of New Netherland) for allowing a Quaker meeting to be held in his house. (Stuyvesant hated the Quakers as much as he hated the Jews.) Bowne refused to pay the fine, so he was sent to Holland to stand…

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