Quaccheri cristiani ecumenici per fare il bene

On this date in 1527 (Jan. 5th), Felix Manz was executed by drowning in the Limmat River in ‪#‎Zurich‬, Switzerland. Manz was one of the founders of the Swiss Brethren wing of the ‪#‎Anabaptist‬ movement. Buried in St. Jakobs Cemetery, Zurich. Pacifist. Political dissident/subversive. Advocate for religious toleration and freedom of belief. Anabaptist scholar H.S. Bender tells us Manz admitted (in court records) he taught that “those of other faiths should be left undisturbed in their practice.” This means the type of “missionary work” carried out by Manz and his associates was not the same as what we think of as missionary work today. They were not trying to convert Jews or Turks or other non-Christians. Rather, the Swiss Brethren focused on inviting fellow Catholics, folks already immersed in the Christian tradition, to join the Anabaptists in practicing a radical, subversive, dissident form of Christianity. I doubt…

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