Quaccheri cristiani ecumenici per fare il bene

Happy birthday, Benjamin Lundy (Jan. 4, 1789 – Aug. 22, 1839)! ‪#‎Quaker‬. ‪#‎Abolitionist‬. Journalist. In 1815 he started the Union Humane Society, an anti-slavery association, in Saint Clairsville, Ohio. In 1821 he founded an anti-slavery newspaper called “Genius of Universal Emancipation” in Mount Pleasant, Ohio. By 1836, Lundy was in Philadelphia, where he founded and edited another anti-slavery paper, a weekly called “The National Enquirer.” Lundy’s house in Mount Pleasant, Ohio, is a National Historic Landmark. Buried in the Friends Cemetery, McNabb, Illinois.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.


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