On this date in 1527 (Dec. 6th), Hans Hut perished by asphyxiation in a fire in the tower where he was imprisoned in ‪#‎Augsburg‬, Germany. He was a bookbinder, a book salesman, and an ‪#‎Anabaptist‬ leader. A “Wanted” poster of the time described him like this: “The highest and chief leader of the Anabaptists is Johannes Hut, a well-educated, clever fellow, rather tall, a peasant with light brown cropped hair and a blond mustache. He is dressed in a gray, sometimes a black, riding coat, a broad gray hat, and gray pants.” When the “Peasants War” broke out in 1525, Hut made his way to the center of the action in Frankenhausen, Germany, with the idea he could sell some books/pamphlets to the militants. He did not fully join the Anabaptists until May of 1526, when he was baptized by Hans Denck in Augsburg. Over the next year, Hut became one of the movement’s most effective preachers and organizers. Even after Hut’s lifeless body was found in the tower, the officials pronounced the death sentence upon the corpse, and burned it at the stake the following day.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes/Martyrs Series.