Happy birthday, Bill Wilson (Nov. 26, 1895 – Jan. 24, 1971)! Co-founder (with Dr. Bob Smith) of Alcoholics Anonymous. Author of “The Big Book.” Described by Aldous Huxley as “the greatest social architect of the 20th century.” Although millions of A.A. members around the world owe their lives and sanity to the program he created, Bill Wilson was not a saint. Both before and after getting sober, he carried on numerous affairs behind the back of his devoted wife, Lois. If there is a saint in the A.A. universe, it would be Lois Wilson, who founded Al-Anon, for family members of alcoholics. Bill is buried in East Dorset Cemetery, East Dorset, Vermont. Lois, who lived until 1988, is buried alongside him.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.