The minute below was affirmed a couple years ago by my Quarterly Meeting (Whitewater) and my Yearly Meeting (Ohio Valley)

One of the distinctive characteristics of RSoF the centrality of spirit. “Light of the Living Christ”
and continuing revelation. ” We have been led’ Personally I feel both my Quarterly and Yearly Meeting captured both the essence of Quakerism and the spirit of equality for GLBTQ folks in this minute.

We have been led by the Light of the Living Christ to understand that God’s love extends with equality to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The understanding that Christ has given us as Quakers today leads us to three conclusions. We affirm the full humanity of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender persons. We are committed to their equal status within the Religious Society of Friends and the wider world. We celebrate their covenant relationships, including marriages under the care of our constituent meetings, as just as sacred,just as valid, and the cause for just as much joy as those of any other persons.