I love Japan, not the death penalty

Have a good Christmas, stop executions in Japan.


Dear Friends

The Japanese Government has the habit to make executions without notice.

Twice an year three or more inmates are send to the gallows and their relatives are informed later. Very often this happen before New Year’s Eve holidays or in Summer. At the moment the Minister of Justice (an abolitionist) is asked to sign some warrants and permit some executions.

You can help in stopping this!

We are asking you to send more illustrated post cards you can to the Chief Cabinet Secretary and to the Prime Minister with a short abolitionist sentence. Write in your own language. Be polite and remember that we love Japan.  We cannot assure an happy ending, but this is one of the uncommon situation where a pressure from abroad can help.

About the death penalty in Japan




Chief Cabinet Secretary

Mr. Osamu Fujimura

Shugiin Dai-ni Giin kaikan

Room 1111

Nagata-cho 2-1-2, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-8982    Japan



Prime Minister

Mr. Yoshihiko Noda

Shugiin Dai-ichi Giin kaikan

Room 821

Nagata-cho 2-2-1, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo  100-8981      Japan