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Emergency is an indipendent NGO, founded in Italy to provide high quality and free of charge health care to the war and poverty victims.
Emergency promotes a culture of solidarity, peace and respect for human rights.
The work of Emergency around the world is possible thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters.
From 1994 to the present day, Emergency has worked in 16 countries, building hospitals, Surgical Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Pediatric Clinics, First Aid Posts, Health Care Centres, a Maternity Centre and a Centre for Cardiac Surgey. Subsequent to request from local authorities and other organizations, Emergency has also helped to renovate and equip pre-existing health facilities.
Since 1994 Emergency teams have provided assistance to 4,201,950 people (as of March 31, 2011).
Every day Emergency deals with the wreckage caused by war and for this very reason Emergency has always been committed to promoting a culture of peace.
In 1994 Emergency entered the campaign against antipersonnel landmines which brought Italy to ban them.
In 2001, shortly before the war against Afghanistan, Emergency appealed to the Italian people asking them to demonstrate against the impending war with “a white rag for peace” (Uno straccio di pace).
In September 2002, together with other organizations, Emergency launched a huge campaign to prevent Italy from taking part in the war against Iraq.
At the same time, Emergency promoted a nationwide petition campaign called “Stop the war, sign for peace” to ask for the enforcement of Article 11 of the Italian Constitution, which repudiates any act of war. The petition was submitted to Parliament in June 2003.
In 2008, with some African countries, Emergency has elaborated the Manifesto for a Human Rights Based Medicine asking for a medicine based on equality, quality and social responsibility.
Emergency is a recognized charitable organization (1998) and Non-Governmental Organization (1999).
In 2006 Emergency became an NGO partner of the United Nations Department of Public Information.
In order to support Emergency’s goals on a broader international scale, in 2008 the volunteers of the numerous chapters operating throughout the US since 2005 founded Emergency USA.
For the same purposes, Emergency UK was founded in November 2007 (visit Emergency UK website). Emergency Japan started its activities in early 2011 (visit Emergency Japan website), as well as Emergency Switzerland.

We strongly believe that healthcare should be a basic human right. Therefore Emergency:
1. guarantees treatment to anyone in need of assistance, without any discrimination as to race, colour, sex, religion, social origin or political opinion;
2. provides high quality assistance, employing standardized therapeutic and work protocols already tested in emergency situations;
3. trains national staff thoroughly, with the intent of handing over all the health facilities to the local health authorities as soon as self-sustainability can be achieved.
Emergency builds:
1. hospitals specifically dedicated to war victims and surgical emergencies;
2. physical and social rehabilitation centres;
3. first aid posts for emergency treatment and referral of patients to our surgical centres;
4. healthcare centres for primary medical assistance;
5. paediatric clinics;
6. centres of medical excellence.
 All Emergency facilities are designed, built and run by specialized international personnel, who provide training for local staff

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