Woodbrooke* is often likened to an oasis, and over the first few months of me being here it has certainly felt like that to me. Because when I think of an oasis, the image that it conjures up is of a lively busy place, with people finding refreshment both in a physical sense and socially as well. It’s a place where people can share stories of their journey and exchange news of friends and family. I hope that in whatever capacity you visit Woodbrooke whether it be to attend a course, conference or stay for B&B, you’ll find Woodbrooke a place of nourishment, renewal and revitalization.

Sandra Berry, Director.


*Woodbrooke is Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre. It is based in the former family home of the local chocolate maker, George Cadbury, himself a Quaker, and has, since 1903, provided education for those of any faith or none from around the world. Education has always been based around exploring Quakerism and the themes of interest to Quakers, such as Peace and Reconciliation, Quaker History and Spiritual Journeys.