Dear Friend,

We are experimenting with the idea of action alerts. We are therefore sending you our first action alert on Israel/Palestine issues. The purpose is two-fold. First, if you feel able to do so, please take the proposed action – which is to send an e-mail to one or more MEPs representing your country/area. Second, please let us know if you would like to continue to receive action alerts either on Israel/Palestine issues or on any of the issues we work on. We will not send you another alert unless we hear from you. This is an opt-in, rather than an opt-out.

The message below, which we have sent to our list of MEPs who are in some way involved in Middle East issues, is intended to encourage them to sign the written declaration to which it refers. What is a written declaration? This is a process in the European Parliament by which a statement can be adopted as a statement of the whole of the European Parliament if it is signed by half the MEPs. It is very hard to get any such declaration adopted; they are open for signature for 3 months and not a day longer; if they don’t reach the number of signatures needed they lapse.

This declaration is a good one. It would provide a very useful advocacy tool at national level (to support calls for customs services to adopt a stricter regime of controls, for example) and therefore we are trying to assist in getting the number of signatures to the required level.

Please send an e-mail or letter to your MEP on this issue. You can of course use the text below if you want and adapt it a little to make it more personal. Please also send the action alert to anyone else you know who might support it. It is important that MEPs get these letters quickly to make sure they can sign the written declaration before the 6th of December 2010 when it lapses.

You can find the e-mail address of your MEPs on the European Parliament Website here:;;jsessionid=C7DE065EF83A25ACA14A0A08A6515160.node2?language=en
From there, you click on your country and for those countries which have constituencies on your constituency. Then you get the full list of MEPs. The e-mail addresses on the personal page for each MEP.

Thank you for taking action; if you get responses from MEPs, please forward them to us.

In Friendship

Martina Weitsch

Text of QCEA e-mail to MEPs:

Written Declaration on the labeling of goods from the Occupied Palestinian Territories

I am writing to alert you to the fact that MEPs Arlene McCarty, Hélène Flautre, Sirpa Pietikéinen, and Eva-Britt Svensson have put down a written declaration on the labeling of goods from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

This written declaration will lapse on 6 December 2010 unless it is signed by half of the MEPs in the European Parliament.

The written declaration calls on the European Commission to produce guidance to ensure that the legal requirements enshrined in the Association Agreement between the EU and Israel and the decision of the European Court of Justice are fully implemented and it calls on the Member States to ensure that the legal requirements are implemented.

It further asks that this declaration is then forwarded to Member State parliaments to ensure that the elected representatives of citizens at national level are alerted to this issue and are able to take the necessary action to ensure that the governments of Member States do follow this call and the guidance to be issued.

This is an entirely sensible declaration; if adopted, it will contribute to the adherence of Member State customs services to EU law and treaties; it will enable EU citizens to make informed purchasing decisions on the basis of accurate information.

I would urge you to sign the declaration and to encourage colleagues to do likewise.

The written declaration – Number 0064/2010 of 6 September 2010 – is accessible on the internet at:;

In Friendship

Martina Weitsch
Quaker Council for European Affairs
Square Ambiorix 50
1000 Brussels

Italian Members in Parliament