Open letter to the Italian Parliament
on the 19th day of Francesco Zanardi ‘s hunger strike

Dear fellow Parliamentarians,
We are writing with great concern for the health of a European citizen committed to
social justice in Italy. On the 4th January 2009, Francesco Zanardi went on a hunger strike, demanding that the Italian Parliament examine the question of legallyrecognised unions for lesbian and gay couples.
Today is the nineteenth day of Mr Zanardi’s hunger strike, as an increasing number of citizens and politicians start to follow in his footsteps. In solidarity, we are asking you to consider their plea and address this situation.
An important number of Italian associations have already urged the Parliament to address the issue of same-sex unions. Several international organisations, including ILGA-Europe, have also asked your House to address what appears to be one of the most unequal treatments of LGBT citizens in the European Union1.
We believe the Italian Parliament and its Committees have all the tools and necessary mandates required to work on the aforementioned issue.
Furthermore, we recall that in 2008 the Fundamental Rights Agency published a report urging EU Member States to adopt legislation protecting citizens from hate crimes, such as those motivated by homophobia or transphobia. We ask that your Parliament looks into this matter as soon as feasible.
We respectfully urge you to do all you can to put an end to this unfair situation for all Italian citizens.

Maurizio Benazzi

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