Ecumenici would thank very much for the money given by the psicanalyst Grazia Aloi, by the writer – publisher Pasquale Ianamorelli, author of the book “What life?”, Ms Oriella Orazi who loves indeed poetry, spirituality and mistic thoughts and by the politician Alberto Milazzo who support ecological battles. Great all of them!!

We reached 1000 contacts among friends and ordinary people on our Facebook profile and even 487 new registered people to the Ecumenici newsletter during the last year. A big success obtained by a small, not declared, free and indipendent team, not linked to any political or clerical group. It is an open challenge that, starting from the far 1999, will continue to assert what it is necessary to be declared and to do what others simply do not know how to say or do not want to do! It’s us the real and laic ecumenical spirit in Italy, not the SAE association, or the catholics or Waldesians. Until today, on Yahoo, we register 3573 enrolled people to our Ecumenici newsletter.

But our next goal is to reach a great number of people all over the world using English as contact language. But some Friends from London will promise to help us quickly. We send them our greetings for a Happy New Year.


” It is in his quest for the impossible that the mankind

has ever got the possible….”