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The death penalty in Japan.A very short bibliography.

November 30, 2009


Suggestions welcomed



Amnesty International

ASA 22/005/2009 Japan: Hanging by a thread: Mental health and the death penalty in Japan


ASA 22/006/2006 Japan: “Will This Day Be My Last?” The Death Penalty In Japan
ACT 60/016/2005 Urgent Action in Focus: August 2005: Japan – a long way to go


ASA 22/001/1997 Japan: The Death Penalty: Summary Of Concerns


ASA 22/03/1995 Japan: The Death Penalty: A Cruel, Inhuman and Arbitrary Punishment,COUNTRYREP,AMNESTY,JPN,3ae6a9dd4,0.html


AI Asia Pacific




Federation Internationale des Droit de l’Homme

FIDH 2008 Japon : La Loi du Silence

Japan: The Law of Silence


FIDH 2003 La Peine de Mort au Japon

The Death Penalty in Japan

Edition in Japanese language




Hidden death penalty in Japan


On Death Row in Japan By Charles Lane


Dead Men Walking: Japan’s Death Penalty


Why Japan Still Has the Death Penalty, By Charles Lane, WaPo January 16, 2005


La peine de mort au Japon.  2° Congres Mondial contre la PdM,  Montréal 2004


David T. Johnson and Franklin E. Zimring

Death Penalty Lessons from Asia


David T. Johnson

Japan’s Secretive Death Penalty Policy.




Books of interest


David T. Johnson & Franklin E. Zimring

The Next Frontier: National Development, Political Change, and the Death Penalty in Asia

New York. Oxford UP. 2009


Hood Roger & Hoyle Caroline
The Death Penalty. A Worldwide Perspective. Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded.

New York. Oxford UP. 2008



In Italian

Amnesty International e Forum 90

La pena di morte: una realtà nascosta



The Yomiuri Shimbun, in 2008 and 2009, published many articles in English about the death penalty

(UNMASKING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT), but they are un-catchable.




Dott. Claudio Giusti

Via Don Minzoni 40, 47100 Forlì, Italia
Tel.  39/0543/401562     39/340/4872522

Member of the Scientific Committee of Osservatorio sulla Legalità e i Diritti, Claudio Giusti had the privilege and the honour to participate in the first congress of the Italian Section of Amnesty International: later he was one of the founders of the World Coalition Against The Death Penalty.



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