Dear friend,

Greetings from the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe!
This newsletter is to inform you on the latest work of EYCE – the first meeting of newly elected ExCo, which took place two weeks ago in Brussels, Belgium, as well as of the outcomes and discussions of the EYCE training course “Democracy and Migration – enhancing the participation of young people from minority background”, which took place last week in Prague, Czech Republic.

With sunny greetings,
Kristine Jansone
EYCE acting General Secretary

Latest News : ” EYCE Press Release: EYCE ExCo meeting in Brussels, Belgium The newly elected Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) met for their first meeting from 11th – 14th of June at the EYCE office in Brussels, Belgium.  ” Young people from four continents gather to discuss democracy and migration A campaign to reduce gang violence in Dublin and a program to help early school leavers return to the education system are among the projects a group of young people from across Europe plan to implement in the coming months following a training course on democracy and migration held in Prague last week. ” Young delegates to CEC Assembly develop visions for the future of ecumenism From 29 May to 2 June 2009, young delegates to the 13th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) gathered in Lyon, France, to prepare for the Assembly itself, which will be held in the Congress Centre of Lyon from 15-21 July. CEC staff members and representatives of the European ecumenical youth organisations were also present. ” Member Organisations’ Update
During the National Corespondents’ meeting in October 2008 in Rome as well as during the 37th General Meeting of EYCE in Latvia, the role of EYCE’s Member Organisations was stressed greatly. EYCE and its Member Organisations are symbiotic link, which cannot exist without each other – if Member Organsiations are strong and structured, the work done by EYCE will be fruitful and meaningful, bringing the change also to the Member Organisations through the feedback of the participants in EYCE activities. ” Press release: Is Economic Justice a Human Right?
In the first week of spring, 35 young people gathered in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg to explore the links between economic justice and human rights. The aim of the study session was to promote social cohesion among young people through developing a concept of Human Rights which takes the perspective of Economic Justice into consideration, and thereby raising their awareness and promote action based on linking youth participation, social inclusion and Economic Justice.