Posted June 15 at  h. 20.35

In Support of The Struggle of The Iranian People Against Election Suppression and Fraud “Multiple Voices for Change”


Three days after upholding an election that saw tens of millions of Iranian citizens participate in an unprecedented display of hope for “change” in the social, economical, cultural and political aspects of the society, the cities of Iran have become scenes of violent crackdown against people by police and intelligence forces. A large number of people, political activists and journalists have been detained; cellular phone services have been disconnected, access to the Internet has been made virtually impossible, and almost all of the newspapers and publications reflecting reformist or other critical perspectives have been shut down Despite the overwhelming participation of the supporters of the two candidates running against Ahmadinejad in this election, and the widespread proliferation of the slogans of “Hope, Reform, and Change”, the ministry of state, only hours after the voting deadline, announced Ahmadinejad as the outright winner amid a wave of shock and disbelief; an announcement that was very quickly acknowledged and officially supported by the supreme leader of Iran What the supporters of the two reformist candidates and the opposition against Ahmadinejad are correctly calling “wizardry” and “coup d’état” against the will and choice of the people, is a virtual martial law in the streets and universities aimed at a severe crackdown and bloody suppression of the protesting voices Overwhelming evidence supports the case that there has been an unprecedented rigging of the results of the tenth presidential elections, evidence that is not only supported by the voters and the representatives of the people at voting stations, but is also acknowledged by the staff of the ministry of state and an established group of well-known clergy. “Majmaae Rohanyoone Mobarez”, which has the former reformist president Mohammad Khatami as a member, has declared the elections “rigged” and called for cancellation or recount of the ballots Opposing the true will of the people and their struggle for reform and change, by resorting to organized governmental fraud and the bloody crackdown of the masses, is a clear cut demonstration of severe violation of human rights in a large county where millions of citizens have resorted to their most basic legal right, to arrive at freedom, justice, civic rights, and a friendly relationship with the rest of the world in accordance with international laws and human rights codes “Multiple Voices for Change”, representing a number of Canadian-Iranian citizens, condemns the harsh crackdown on the Iranian people by the Ahmadinejad government, and calls for human rights organizations and the government of Canada to support the movement of the Iranian people in the name of getting their vote and rightful president back. Crackdown on the Iranian citizens, going against humanity and human rights, and governmental fraud, will not remain contained within the boarders of Iran We ask those whose voices echo with us all around the world, regardless of their particular positions in relation to the election, not to leave the Iranian people alone in this uneven fight. Please contact your governments and ask them to support Iranian people and DO NOT indorse the Iran election result.