The Parliament of Connecticut abolished the death penalty, but Gov. Jodi Rell menaces the veto. Please, write Her, and write to everybody, in any country, in any language. Death penalty is a human sacrifice, a costly, racist, classist violation of human rights. Nothing more than “the pointless and needless extinction of life”. Death penalty is an enormous waste of lives, money, time and resources. It is not a deterrent and kills the poor, the weak, the mad, the illiterate, and the black.

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell

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 Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele

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From: Claudio Giusti, Italy

Letters to Ecumenics

John Mark Attard from Malta writes to Claudio Giusti:

I will of course write against the death penatly … but there was something written in the message that I didn’t like – 1 paragraph was said:
“Death penalty is an enormous waste of lives, money, time and resources. It is not a deterrent and kills the poor, the weak, the mad, the illiterate, and the black.”

Why did the person who wrote it mentioned the Black only? the death penalty kills not just the black -0 but also the whites. by no means the blacks are better than the whites & also vice-versa … but if he/she mentioned the Blacks – they should also mention the whites… or else they won’t mention any color at all. Racism isn’t just from the whites to the Blacks – but also there are Black racists who make the whites suffer… SO WHY THIS FACT IS NEVER MENTIONED ANYWHERE???

The Blacks have to come to terms with reality – that while they are nothing less than anyone – they also aren’t more than anyone – We are all equal – no White is better than a Black – but no Black is better than a White – People tend to forget this.




Claudio Giusti (Amnesty International) writes to John Mark Attard:


Blacks are 13% of American Population, but they are 50% of the jailed.

1 American adult every 100 is in prison, but for Blacks is 1 man every 10

Blacks are the 50% of the victims of murder (and murder occurs inside the racial community), but 80 % of the executed had killed Whites.

235 Blacks were executed for the killing of a White and 15 White for the killing of a Negro (none never from Texas)

If I say “Death penalty kills the black.” I know what I say

claudio giusti


For Native Americans is even worse.


I understand the point …. however it doesn’t justify anything … the life of a 1,000 Blacks & life of just 1 White – ( and vice versa is of the same importance) – so whenever a Black or a White is mentioned – the other relative (Black or White) should be mentioned too –

However – I have totally understood the point … but this what I say – is how things ought to be – if they are to be in the very right way.

Life is life – no matter of whom … so we are all equal.

John Mark Attard



I’m a Christian non only for a compassion reason but I’m a follower of Jesus because I care of a new word of justice. The life is life but in this life very often there is not justice: the statistic show us;

the poverty is the main cause of every kind of inequality.

We must support civil e Human rights but  Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation too.

Maurizio Benazzi


One among the several problems connected to death penalty (and not only in the American society) is its impudently use as a status and racial tool and I am very surprised reading these kind of statements.

Victims of death penalty are mainly poor people, better if blacks, as in the cases of lynching. Americans are used not to apply litteraly their law because in this way we would have thousands of executions every year, as in other countries. Considering also the social cost, the American middle class wouldn’t stand this situation.

Claudio Giusti