My name is Lancelot Muteyo, i was born on the 22nd of August 1982, in Harare, the capital City of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. I am a poet, and i play seven traditional instruments. Some of my work is featured on,. I am the author of African Prophecies. I was in Italy for one and a half month attending the Global Baptist Peace Conference. I am Co ordinator of a distance Adoption programme that is supported by UCEBI in conjuction with the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe. Italian families support nearly 1000 orphans mostly, HIV and AIDS orpahans. Also, here in Zimbabwe there is a cholera outbraek that has killed a lot of people. The majority including me have no access to clean drinking water. Hence a partnership was created between Emmanuel Baptist Church in Harare, my church through Reverend Chiromo and UCEBI. this saw the erection of two water wells benefiting 150 000 residents in two residential areas. I am a volunteer Director of Afro Christians HIV and AIDS Arts Network (AChrA Network), an autonomous body under Emmanuel Baptist Church. We use Indegenous Knowledge to fight the pandemic. Hence we try to resocialise Christians and the community at large to apprteciate home grown solutions which are easily accessible and cheap. Most young people are killing their culture due to the forces of globalisatin and unfortunately the church has being used as a tool for cultural erosion hence the death of heath. Yes it is my brainchild and foundation with the spiritual revelation from Reverend C Chiromo my pastor. I am a Christian and i am mainly involved in social ministry.I spent most of my free time reciting poetry and writing theatre plays. I am one of the greatest storytellers of my generation, and all my stories try to preserve and conserve positive African beliefs or what we call ubuntu. I have a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Zimbabwe, I am a family therapist, a trained Psychologist, a trained Counsellor and a Human Resources Practioner. The situation right now is manageable as compared to say two months ago. The political situation has improved but the economy is still stugling, since about 90 percent of the total population has no source of income. In Harare, the major problem in water and sanitation but we are in the process of trying to do Cholera and Clean up campaiggns. If anything according to Martin Luther King, it has to be I. So the situation i tough but we are more tougher. The future for Harare citizens is bright and i will give you feedback after three months. The problem in Zimbabwe is of sanctions from Europe and America, but we are all hopeful that things will improve, as they are promising. It is unfotunate that when two elephants fight the grass will suffer, and ordinary Zimbabweans are thae grass. Children as young as 2 going for three days without eating anything decent. Lets unite in our differences, there is power in diversity. After all we are all people with one soul which is neither Jewish, Muslim or Christian. Mazvita, it is Shona, my language for Grazie, Thank you, hope to hear from you